Company Profile

“Megaopto aims to create a new optical industry in the 21st century.”

Since their development, lasers have been used as essential technology in various fields, such as cutting-edge medicine, semiconductor fabrication, automobile industry, basic science, and entertainment.

Megaopto provides many next-generation high-performance lasers to spearhead technological innovations in conventional industries with the aim of creating a new optical industry in the 21st century.

Company Overview

Company Name MEGAOPTO Co., Ltd.
Founded July, 1996
Head Office Wako RIKEN incubation plaza 301, 2-3-13 Minami, Wako, Saitama
351-0104 Japan
TEL: +81-48-469-3377 FAX: +81-48-469-3332
President Shinichi Nakayama
Capital 252,550,000 Yen (as of September 2012)
Description of business Research and development, manufacture, and sale of all solid-state lasers and fiber lasers

Business Lineup

We not only carry out original R&D but also actively collaborate with universities and companies to develop many new concepts for the next generation. The achievements and high-level know-how and skills obtained through collaboration with highly specialized companies and universities are applied to our business strategies.
Megaopto has a wide variety of advanced systems for measurement, control, and testing that are required to develop and manufacture lasers, enabling the development of superior laser products.
We have received many orders for the development of lasers from companies, research institutions, and universities, and have played a key role in laser R&D worldwide. These include

  • proposals of new technologies related to light sources and optical technologies as well as business plans regarding such technologies (including marketing both in Japan and overseas),
  • R&D of new technologies following the proposals of new technologies and development of systems for the technologies,
  • distribution of products, and
  • joint research with other institutions (including RIKEN) and industry-academia collaboration.