We provide customer-centered solutions based on a wide range of core optical technologies for designing and manufacturing the latest laser crystals, nonlinear crystals, fiber lasers, solid-state lasers, light sources based on nonlinear wavelength conversion technology, photodetection systems, and other optical systems. Requests for sample fabrication and applied research (e.g., spectroscopic measurements using high-speed wavelength conversion lasers) are also welcome.

Features of MegaOpto’s products

Our core technologies are laser light sources and their application technologies that have been developed and accumulated at RIKEN for over 30 years. Our technologies cover a wider range than those achieved by general laser manufacturers. In particular, for fiber laser systems fabricated using technologies developed by Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. and deep-ultraviolet generation using special nonlinear optical crystals, we can provide light sources with highly specialized features that cannot be found even in overseas laser products.


Examples of developed products

589 nm laser for laser guide stars


A high-power, high-quality 589 nm coherent light source. The product is equipped with various peripheral systems, such as those for environmental resistance, automatic alignment, and remote control, in addition to basic functions.

589 nm laser for sodium lidar


A 589 nm coherent light source. High-quality laser beams can be obtained using a quasi-continuous wave (QCW) laser diode (LD) for the excitation of the conventional Nd:YAG laser to suppress heat generation.

High-power 2-micron pulse laser


A pulse laser directly oscillating at 2 μm using Tm,Ho-added laser medium.

Driver for generating monochromatic THz waves


An injection-locked single-frequency high-power Nd:YAG pulse laser used as an excitation light source for generating THz waves that can be used for spectroscopy.

High-power laser driver for generating extreme ultraviolet rays


A pulse laser with an average power higher than 1 kW using a MegaOpto all-solid-state laser amplifier, realized by the master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) system that enables the efficient generation of high-quality beams.

Yb:YAG regenerative amplifier


femto- and picosecond pulse regenerative amplifier using Yb-added YAG crystals.

OEM request and consultation

If you have any questions about OEM and laser fabrication, please feel free to contact us.