Electrically wavelength-tunable laser: Ts-F/Ts-SHG

Completely air-cooled Ti:sapphire pulse laser using LD-pumped Nd:YAG AO Q-switched laser second harmonic (532 nm) as the excitation light source.

Electrically wavelength-tunable laser: Ts-F/Ts-SHG

Electrically wavelength-tunable laser: Ts-F/Ts-SHG

Electrically wavelength-tunable laser: Ts-F/Ts-SHG

Complete electrical tuning of wavelength and output is realized using an acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) in a resonator.
The electrically wavelength-tunable laser offers up-to-date high performance characteristics such as high speed, stability, and reproducibility, to your laboratory.

Main Features

  • Elimination of effect of fluorescence
  • High-performance tuning system coupled with a PC
    With MegaOpto’s wavelength-tunable laser, the PC can automatically control tuning, scanning, and oscillation output. The laser specifications can be controlled as desired.
  • High-speed tuning ≤0.1 ms
    It takes the same time to tune lasers in any wavelength range. Its wavelength reproducibility is not sacrificed unlike in the case of mechanical lasers.
  • Direct access to the target wavelength using dedicated software on the PC
  • Programmable access that can specify an arbitrary wavelength for each pulse
  • Maintenance-free and stable operation by adopting an all-solid-state laser system

Main Applications

  • High-speed wavelength-resolved molecular/atomic pectroscopy
  • Nondestructive spectroscopy (for composition analysis of agricultural crops)
  • Noninvasive in situ testing
  • Fluorescence analysis of wide-band-gap semiconductors
  • Three-dimensional shape measurement using interferometers

Mechanism of wavelength selection

Electrically wavelength-tunable lasers use an element called AOTF for wavelength selection, unlike conventional lasers that use dispersive elements, such as birefringent filters and prisms. Only light of the desired wavelength can be selectively diffracted in accordance with the electrical signals applied to the AOTF, suppressing wavelength variations and realizing high-speed tuning with high reproducibility.


Model Series 400/410
Emission mode Pulse
Wavelength accuracy 0.1nm
Wavelength range 700-1000 nm *1 / 350-450 nm *2
Longitudinal mode Multi
Average power 200mW / 50mW *3
Pulse width <20-50ns
Frequency 1 kHz (standard)
Spatial profile TEM00
Output stability < ±5% / < ±8% *3
Polarization Linear (horizontal) / Linear (vertical)
Notes *1: select any 200nm
*2: select any 100nm
*3: @center wavelength (800nm/400nm)

* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Operation condition

Voltage and frequency single phase 100 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption < 2kW


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