High-function laser beam profiler: Laser Eye

Laser Eye is the software long awaited by laser experts.

High-function laser beam profiler: Laser Eye

High-function laser beam profiler: Laser Eye

It has been developed using MegaOpto’s laser control and measurement technologies.
It is compatible with digital cameras, has improved performance and is user-friendly.

Main Features

Owing to its increased compatibility with digital cameras, Laser Eye has been further developed and has become more attractive.

  • Pixel size has been reduced to half that of a conventional model by adopting a dedicated CMOS camera, realizing an approximately fourfold information density.
  • Simple connection to a PC via a USB cable. Only one USB cable is sufficient for connecting the profiler to a laptop PC
  • High-rate data transfer of 30 flames/s
  • Trigger synchronization with greater precision. Even a single shot can be captured.

The new Laser Eye is as user-friendly as the original.

  • Compatible with both laptop and desktop PCs
  • Japanese interface
  • Evaluation of beam quality by M2 analysis, etc.

Other main functions

  • Fast Fourier transformation of two-dimensional intensity distribution
  • Gaussian approximation calculation
  • Change of color palette
  • Various display modes
  • Mutual file conversion among BMP, JPEG, and TIFF formats

Easy-to-operate main screen (upper left figure)

  • Icon palette: Easy operation solely by clicking
  • Main window: Two-dimensional presentation of beam intensity distribution
  • Real-time image presentation of beam parameters
  • Information window: Real-time numerical presentation of beam parameters

Analysis screen with various functions (left figure)

  • Presentation of three-dimensional distribution
  • Presentation of one-dimensional (cross-sectional) distribution
  • Intensity histogram
  • Contour presentation


Model Laser Eye

*Operating environment

Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT4.0/2000/XP
CPU: Pentium III 500 MHz or higher (recommended)
Resolution: 1024 × 768 pixels or more (1280 × 1024 pixels or more is recommended.)
Color: ≥256 colors
Installed RAM: ≥64 MB
HDD free space: ≥100 MB
Interface: ≥2 USB ports (2.0 full speed)
Other hardware: pointing device, color printer
Compatible formats: SGF, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PCX, TGA, JPEG

* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Operation condition

Voltage and frequency single phase 100 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption ≤30 W
Note *Laser Eye consists of Laser Eye software, a video board for data acquisition, and a hardware key.