Pulse-width-variable fiber laser: PicoPal

A picosecond-pulse model of pulse-width-variable fiber lasers has recently been released.

Pulse-width-variable fiber laser: PicoPal

PicoPal has wavelengths in the 1064 and 1500 nm bandwidth ranges and an output <30 W. Polarization control and pulse-width control are possible. PicoPal is applicable to SHG, THG, and FHG. Some of the technologies developed at MegaOpto were realized in PicoPal.

Main Features

The pulse width of PicoPal is variable. PicoPal is an air-cooled compact all-fiber laser with a high peak power and is suitable for removal of thin films.

  • Variable pulse width (100–700 ps)
  • High peak power (maximum, 60 kW)
  • Wavelength (1050 nm, typical)
  • High-quality beam
  • High-precision machining parameters
  • Maintenance-free

The pulse width can be optimized depending on the structure and material of machined targets.

Main Applications

PicoPal is a picosecond-pulse laser suitable for micromachining applications, such as laser marking and micromachining of semiconductor and electronic products. High-precision and high-quality machining is possible because the thermal effect, which may induce serious quality problems, can be substantially suppressed by machining using very short pulse width lasers.

  • Microfabrication
  • Surface treatment process
  • Scribing of ITO films
  • Thin-film dry etching

PicoPal is suitable for high-precision machining with a suppressed thermal effect and damage to surrounding areas.


Emission wavelength Typ. 1050 nm
Average power 8W
Pulse width 100 ps - 700 ps
Frequency 100 kHz - 1000 kHz
Polarization Random
Notes Beam quality: TEM00 M2<1.3 ( Typ. <1.1 )

* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Operation condition

Size (Laser Head) D 312 x W 48 x H 54 mm
Size(power supply) D 400 x W 482 x H 200 mm


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