DPSS pulse green laser for industrial use: HR-G6

HR-G6 is a new model with an improved cost performance in response to the market requirement for solar cells and semiconductors.

DPSS pulse green laser for industrial use: HR-G6

DPSS pulse green laser for industrial use: HR-G6

DPSS pulse green laser for industrial use: HR-G6

LR-SHG is a compact, powerful, and air-cooled laser; in addition, it has short pulses and a high-quality beam. A laser with higher specifications is currently not perceivable.
Conventional lasers have both advantages and disadvantages. Their quality may decrease with increasing output. A large chiller may be required even when the system uses a compact head. Our lasers are beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking and can respond to your extraordinary requests. LR-SHG is the fruit of combined research of MegaOpto’s engineers.

*The HR-G6 model has a high pulse repetition rate (20–150 kHz). For users who require a higher pulse energy, refer to LR-SHG.

Main Features

  • Stable single horizontal mode from threshold value to maximum output
  • Green output ≥6 W from a smart compact head
  • Output tolerance less susceptible to ambient temperature (two patents pending)

Main Applications

  • Scribing and cutting in the P2 and P3 processes for the production of solar cells
  • Semiconductor micromachining processes (e.g., dicing, scribing, drilling, marking)
  • Micromachining (piercing) of silicon, ceramic, and polymer parts
  • High-speed marking of flat panels and semiconductors
  • Excitation of Ti:sapphire laser, forsterite laser, dye laser, etc.
  • Other types of MEMS micromachining (e.g., LCD annealing, fiber grating, sputtering, nozzle machining, scribing)


Model #301G6
Emission mode Pulse
Emission wavelength 532nm
Longitudinal mode Multi
Average power >6W @40kHz
Pulse width <10ns@20kHz
Frequency 20-150kHz
Mode quality:M2 TEM00, M2<1.2
Output stability <±3%
Polarization Linear (horizontal)

* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Operation condition

Size (Laser Head) D166×W155×H57mm
Size(power supply) D450×W430×H222mm


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